Chill Out

Fridge and freezer safe. For best results and to avoid freezer burn, release any air from the bag and reseal before freezing.

It’s Hot in Here

Oven safe up to 220 degrees. Release any air from the bag and reseal before cooking.

Zap It

Microwave safe. Defrost or cook with the bag open.

Bubble Bath

Suitable for sous vide cooking. Contain the natural juices and flavours of your food, whilst keeping it beautiful, tender and packed with nutrients. Release any air from the bag and reseal before immersing in water.

Out & About

Perfect for snacks, sandwiches, salads and treats. Pop in your bag and you’re off!

Squeaky Clean

Dishwasher safe, for best results hand wash in warm soapy water immediately after use to avoid staining.

Reusable, Multifunctional, Leakproof and Plastic Free

Squirrel Food Bags are your go-to food storage solution. Combining beautiful design with exceptional functionality, these bags are the ideal solution to your food storage needs.

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